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What is the correct pronunciation of Cane Corso?
Requested and Answered by Admin on 22-Sep-2007 18:54 (10467 reads)
Hi David - I have taken this from a post I made back last year. I found this article on Corso Luv Passion page and thought it had to be posted. I hope it answers your question.

Ok so you have heard all kinds of ways to say Cane Corso. The most common among newbies [which is ok, you're still learning :) and I'm here to help] and VERY UNEDUCATED BREEDERS [not ok, make sure you run in the opposite direction if you hear a breeder pronounce it like this because I cannot imagine the lack of educated Corso knowledge this moron truly has] is to pronounce it CANE as in SUGAR CANE. This is incorrect, it is to be pronounced Kah-Naye Corso

I can only hope that you will pronounce it from my spelling the way I intended for you to. Another thing this breed is often referred to when pronounced right is just a Cane. As in I just got my first Cane today. This too in incorrect. The proper name for the breed is the Corso. Cane is another word for a DOG, not the breed name. I must say it does get to me when folks I talk to I correct or they hear the way I pronounce it and continue to pronounce it CANE as in SUGAR CANE or refer to the breed as a Cane. Yes these are dogs, but the breed is a Corso.

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